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Hello!  I am Matt. Thank you for stopping by. 


Before I started growing peppers I worked in the commercial fishing industry in Alaska for 10 years.  Now I work for myself and grow peppers!

Please enjoy this FAQ:

  • What does open pollination mean?  This means bees and other pollinators (as well as the wind) can cause cross pollination between two plants.  The resulting seeds will have characteristics of both parents. 

  • Orders & Shipping:   All international orders are at the buyer's risk.  Please also be aware that shipping times outside of the United States can vary widely - from several weeks to several months.   I AM UNABLE TO RESEND OR REFUND YOUR ORDER IF IT DOES NOT REACH YOU.  Please do not order from me if you are not willing to accept these terms. Shipping within the US is free over $25. Tracked shipping within the US is free on orders over $50.  Free international shipping over $30. I'm unable to offer tracked international shipping but I send a picture of every order before it heads out so you know exactly what to expect to receive! Orders typically ship within 5 business days. 

And here's a picture of my dog Gus! 

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