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Hello, thank you for visiting my shop!

Almost everything you will find here was grown in my backyard garden. Please be advised that none of the plants I grow have been isolated, so cross pollination and unintentional hybrids are possible.

Roughly 10 seeds per pack unless otherwise mentioned. 

Mattapeño seeds are back in stock (as of February 28th, 2023)  Mattapeño x Mutant seeds are also in stock! They are both included for free with every order over $25.  And yes! They are still available! I just have them marked out of stock so they can have a store page. Please share your photos over on the Mattapeño FB page (

Shipping within the US is free over $25. Tracked shipping within the US is free on orders over $50.  Free international shipping over $30. I'm unable to offer tracked international shipping but I send a picture of every order before it heads out so you know exactly what to expect to receive! Orders typically ship within 5 business days. 

There is a possibility that mutant seeds will not produce plants that display the filiform leaf mutation. If you have the extra room it is worth keeping that plant around, as the seeds from your 'normal' plant may produce mutants once sown.

Please see the FAQ for more detailed info.

Cheers and happy growing this season!


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Want to learn more about Matt?  The Mattapeño?  
Check out Rob from 7 Pot Club's video.  Click here!

New to growing peppers? 
Check out Pepper Geek's guide on growing peppers from seed to harvest.
Use the code MATTSPEPPERS for 20% off their eBook.


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