Includes some of the crosses I have made this year.  They are only at F1 or F2 at this point, so results will vary wildly as to what the leaves and pods will look like.  These are absolutely not stable. (You may not encounter mutant filiform or variegated leaves.  Might get big ugly blobs that taste awful. Etc.) Please do not buy this if that doesn't sound like something that is up your alley. 


Only a small handful of hybrid packs available.  US orders will include a tracking number.   Free shipping. Includes Mattapeño seeds.


List of crosses included. Updated April 3rd, 2022. 




  1. Faddas A/C 101 x Mutant F1
  2. Hot Pops Yellow x Purple Cacho White Leaf F2
  3. Scarlett's Variegated x Purple Flash F2
  4. Mattapeño x Mutant F1
  5. Thunder Mountain Longhorn x Xion Mutant F2
  6. Mattapeño x Xion Mutant F1
  7. Scarlett's Variegated x Mutant F2
  8. Black Pearl x Blue Christmas x Mutant x Mattapeño F1
  9. Thunder Mountain Longhorn x Count Dracula F1
  10. Thunder Mountain Longhorn x Mattapeño F1
  11. Black Pearl x Trinidad Purple Coffee x Mutant x Mattapeño F1
  12. Thunder Mountain Longhorn x Scarlett's F2

Matt's Hybrid Pack

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  • Each pack will have at least 6 seeds.